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The Pineal Gland and the Chakras
My most recent study of interest is in methods for sound healing...

Awakening the pineal gland with sound. First we must look at the function of the pineal gland. This gland is an ocular nerve that sits in the center of the brain. By ocular we mean this organ senses light from above. Now you may ask yourself, why do we have an organ in our brains that is essentially an eye that senses light from above? AND why have I never heard of it? Both good questions. I encourge you to read more about the pineal gland. It is facinating!

We theorize that this gland is the living organ that represents the fairly well known "third eye." It is the seat of intuition and controls the levels of melatonin in our bodies as well as other hormones. With the addition to flouride in our water along with other destructive environmental forces this gland has become calcified and shrunken through the ages. There is even evidence to suggest that psychics have less calcified and larger pineal glands.

So, I have recently ordered a crystal singing bowl to the tune of A# which will help awaken the pineal gland. Eventually I hope to work with each chakra and sound healing. The pineal gland seems a fantastic place to start.

I theorize that we recieve information through our crown chakras (chakra - is a human word used to describe energy centers that are still very mysterious to us). That source information is recieved through the pineal gland/third eye. This is where we have 'great ideas' & where the visionaries get their visions. From here that energy moves to the throat chakra where we speak our visions & our truths. This energy moves to the heart chakra where we fall in love with our vision and know we MUST create it in the world. From there it moves to the solar plexus which is the energy of our personal power. This is where we manifest thoughts, ideas and visions into reality. This is the point where the energy from above joins with the energy of the earth. The earth energy comes up through the root chakra which controls our personal stability, prosperity and rooted-ness in this world. From there it moves up to the sacral chakra which is the seat of creation. This is where life force energy sits waiting to come alive in a physical way either by actual physical birthing or birthing of an idea or vision. When the earth energy moves through the root & sacral chakras to the solar plexus and joins with the sorce vision from above this is where magic happens. This is where the visionaries bring magic into our world.

I have seen it, this seems to be how the system works... as humans strive towards whole healed selves they release blockages in their chakra systems then creating themselves as powerfully connected energy centers for their personal visions.

So, let's see how this sound healing journey goes...


I have simplified chakra information in interest of not dragging out this post. Here is another good source for extended yet still basic information on the chakras:

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